Drill-Free Solutions: Installing a Ring Doorbell on Stucco

Recently, one of my friends moved into a lovely house with stucco walls, and she couldn’t wait to install a Ring doorbell. The main drawback was that drilling through stucco appeared to be quite complex.

However, guess what? She avoided drilling the stucco wall by coming up with an outstanding idea. If you’re here, it appears that you’re experiencing the same thing.

Be at ease! In case you don’t want to drill into your wall, I’m here to present a different, effective way in this blog post. Let’s explore this no-drill installation method that can save the day.

Reasons NOT to Drill Stucco to Install Ring Doorbell

I prefer not to drill into my stucco surface for personal reasons, mainly because I find the process too complex. Additionally, there are several other reasons why you might hesitate to drill into your stucco wall when installing a Ring Doorbell. Let’s break down these reasons one by one:

  • Aesthetics: Stucco walls are known for their appealing look, and drilling holes can disrupt the textured appearance. The purpose of the texture is to provide visual interest and enhance the appearance of the wall. Therefore, you may want to preserve the clean and seamless look of your exterior, which is why it can be hesitant to drill into the stucco.
  • Property Damage: Incorrect drilling can potentially damage the stucco wall, resulting in cracks or chips. And repairing such damage can be expensive as well as time-consuming. You as a homeowner may want to avoid any harm to your property and the hassle of repairs.
  • Rental Properties or Leased Homes: If you’re living in a rental property or leased home, then you might have restrictions on making permanent modifications to the stucco walls. Landlords or property owners often have guidelines in place, preventing tenants from drilling into the walls.
  • Complex Installation: I personally don’t like complex installations, and guess what? Installing a Ring Doorbell on stucco walls usually involves drilling pilot holes for mounting screws. You may find this process more complex and time-consuming compared to alternative mounting methods.
  • Personal Preference: At the end of the day, it’s a matter of personal choice. You may simply don’t want to drill holes in your stucco walls, regardless of the benefits or drawbacks. Then, it will be a wise decision to try alternative methods that don’t involve drilling to mount your Ring Doorbell.

No-Drill Ring Doorbell Installation On Stucco: Best Advice!


Use Door Mounts !!!

Avoid drilling and potential damage with an anti-theft door mount, and enjoy secure and easy installation of your Ring Doorbell.

One of the best advice I have for homeowners who want to install a Ring Doorbell on stucco without drilling is to consider mounting it on their door using an anti-theft door mount.

Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

By using this creative technique, you may avoid drilling and put an end to any concerns about damaging your beautiful stucco walls. Instead, simply fasten your Ring Doorbell to the surface of your door by using an anti-theft mount. It protects your ring doorbell from burglars and is easy to use.

The benefit of installing your ring doorbell on the door is that it’s simple to install and provides quick access for maintenance. Additionally, you’ll have the ideal viewing angles to record all the crucial footage and see any suspicious action outside. So, go ahead and give this alternative method a try.

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Does Ring’s No-Drill Mount Work on Stucco?

The Ring Doorbell’s no-drill adhesive mount is a fantastic alternative to drilling into stucco walls, providing a hassle-free installation without permanent modifications or potential damage. However, textured stucco surfaces can present a challenge as the uneven texture may impact the adhesive’s longevity.

Ring's Official No-Drill Adhesive Mount

Luckily, there are a few things to ensure a secure and long-lasting attachment. Below are some suggestions:

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee long-lasting attachment of Ring Doorbell using below tips.

  • Clean the stucco surface thoroughly: Use rubbing alcohol or a suitable cleaner to clean the stucco surface before applying the adhesive mount. Make sure to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that could hinder the adhesive’s bonding.
  • Apply consistent pressure during installation: When attaching the adhesive mount to the stucco wall, apply firm and even pressure for at least 30 seconds. Give the adhesive plenty of time to set and bond with the stucco surface before attaching the Ring Doorbell.
  • Consider using additional support: If you want extra support, you can use silicone caulk or outdoor-rated adhesive around the edges of the adhesive mount. This can provide added stability and help prevent the mount from loosening over time.
  • Regularly check and maintain the mount: Occasionally inspect the adhesive mount to ensure it remains securely attached to the stucco wall. If you notice any signs of loosening or detachment, contact Ring’s customer support for assistance or consider using alternative mounting methods.

I realize it can be quite a task to accomplish.

However, if you are open to an alternative approach that avoids attaching adhesive directly to the stucco, I would suggest installing the no-drill adhesive mount on the door surface instead.

Because the door typically has a plain and smooth surface, which minimizes the chance of the adhesive coming off and provides a more reliable attachment point for the Ring Doorbell.

Wrap Up

Wrapping it up, if you want to place your Ring Doorbell on stucco without having to drill through it, one alternative is to utilize an anti-theft door mount, which provides a secure attachment without doing so.

Another option is using adhesive mounts, but remember that they work better on plain surfaces like doors. The smooth surface of a door provides a more reliable and long-lasting attachment compared to stucco.

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