Does Ring Work with Google Home Hub?

When there are smart home gadgets from different brands, everyone thinks about how much easier life would be if they all worked together. If you think the same way I do, we are the same. As a tech geek, I love trying out new things to see if they work.

I’ve thought about this question a lot: Does Ring work with the Google Home Hub? So, that turned out to be a fun adventure. Let’s find out because the answer is a secret.

Google Home Hub vs Echo Show: Are they Similar For Ring?

Google Home Hub (now called Google Nest Hub) and Echo Show are smart displays that use smart voice assistants, Google Assistant, and Alexa, respectively.

These smart display systems can be used to stream media, play music, make video calls, and you can use voice assistants to ask questions, weather, cooking recipes, etc. That’s the fun part, actually.

The useful thing about them is that you can use them as a smart home control assistant. You can use voice commands to manage smart thermostats, lights, cameras, and locks. Both smart display systems also have built-in cams that you can use to keep an eye on your baby or pet while you are at home.

Compatibility With Ring Devices

The connection is relatively easy because Ring devices and Echo Show devices are both a part of the same ecosystem that Amazon owns. Despite the fact that the connection between Google Home Hub and Ring devices is not as comprehensive as some might hope, there are still ways to make it work in your favor.

Does Google Home Hub Work with Ring Devices?

Yes, Google Home Hub works with Ring devices, but the functionality is limited. You cannot view the live feed, receive push notifications, or use the two-way talk feature of Ring devices when you integrate it with Google Home Hub.

Google Home Hub (now called Google Nest Hub) and Ring are competitors in smart home technology, so you shouldn’t expect much. You can use a few different features and functions. For example, you can use Google Assistant to handle your Ring device by telling it what to do.

Voice requests let you do things like ask the Ring camera to start recording video, find out when your Ring Doorbell last rang, or find out how well your Ring device’s battery is doing.

List Of Compatible Ring Devices with Google Home Hub

Ring has many security camera models. They include indoor and outdoor security cameras. The table below lists the Ring devices which are compatible with Google Home Hub.

Ring Device compatible with Google Home Hub (Outdoor cameras)Ring Device compatible with Google Home Hub (Indoor cameras)
Spotlight Cam Plus (Plug-In, Battery, and Wired)Ring Indoor Cam, 2nd generation
Spotlight Cam Pro (Plug-In, Battery, and Wired)  Stick Up Cam Battery
Floodlight Cam Wired ProStick Up Cam Plug-In
Floodlight Cam Wired PlusStick Up Cam Elite
Floodlight Cam Plus Plug-InStick Up Cam Solar

How to Setup Google Home Hub with Ring? (Step by Step)

If you have a Google Home Hub and any of the Ring devices as mentioned above, you can connect both by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Google Home app on an iOS or Android smartphone.
  2. Tap Add, and select ‘Set up a new device.’
  3. Select the option ‘Have something already set up?’.
  4. Choose Ring from the list of devices.
  5. Follow the onscreen steps on your smartphone to pair the devices.
  6. Tap Allow and select Done.
  7. Open the Google Home app.
  8. Tap Home > Doorbell > Settings >.
  9. Name your doorbell and Save.

On the Google Home app, you will not need to set up a separate sign-up procedure for the Ring device. The Google Home app will be connected to your Google Smart Hub if you already have one.

Also, make sure that the Ring device is set up and connected to the WiFi network. If your Ring device is not connected to the WiFi network, you will have a problem scanning the device on the Google Home app.

Perks of Having A Google Home Setup with Your Ring Device

Owning a Google Home Hub is already a perk, as you won’t have to spend extra money buying an Echo Show device. Many people spend extra money thinking smart display systems will add extra benefits to their security setup, but the reality is otherwise.

Most people use the Ring app to see LiveView, get alerts when something moves, and talk back and forth. The smart monitor systems aren’t as important because you can use them to look at recordings, tell them to start recording, and find out when notifications are coming in.

But if you already have a Google Home hub, you can use Google Assistant or Google Home to give many Ring-related voice requests.

Google Home Hub can also be used to automate your home in your own way. For example, you can set up an automation so that if the Ring device sees movements at night, the light will turn on by itself.

Wrap Up

As I mentioned in the beginning, the answer will be discreet, and there’s no winning price for guessing. It rarely happens where competitors will make integration any easier for the rival’s device. Every company wants to keep the customer close to its own ecosystem.

However, the time is near when Matter, an open-source protocol, will make it easier to control and play all your smart home devices on a single app. Amazon, Google, and Apple have signed it already, and it will make controlling smart gadgets easy.

With Google Home Hub and Ring device integration, which is possible, you get limited features. Still, something is better than nothing, as you can receive a handful of notifications and use voice commands to perform security-related tasks.

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