How to Install Ring Doorbell on Brick without Drilling?

As a conscious homeowner who is very careful about the home and how things should look and feel without drastic changes. Drilling is something that I detest and since I have cavity brick walls to reduce the noise level, so I had to be extra careful about drilling.

Even if you don’t have cavity brick walls, you should still avoid drilling. Now you must be mumbling if we can’t do the drilling, then how are we going to mount the Ring doorbell? This is what exactly I scratched my head for to find a solution, so you don’t have to.

Here I will guide you about ways to install a Ring Doorbell without drilling.

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Can you Install a Ring Doorbell on Brick without Drilling?

Yes, the Ring doorbell can be installed on brick without drilling. A no-Drill mount is the most effective and go-to option for even and smooth bricks but it can’t be installed on glass.

Why Is It Difficult Installing Ring Doorbells on Brick Without Drilling?

Installing Ring doorbells can be tricky depending on the surface. Ring doorbells can easily be installed on smooth and even surfaces but on the rough surface, it won’t be that easy. But if you have a glass door or a door with a glass surface, then you might have to look up for alternative solution.

Ring Doorbells on uPVC and Wood Door

Ring doorbells can be easily installed on uPVC and wood doors as they also have adhesiveness. But make sure to clean the door to remove the dust before mounting the Ring doorbell.

Surface Nature

No-Drill mounts for Ring doorbells require double-sided adhesive for which the surface should be smooth. If the surfaces are rough or maybe they have dents in them, then it will be difficult for the no-mount drill to remain intact. But make sure to check the adhesive for all the surfaces after cleaning.

Mounting Plate Is Different

You may have a hard time installing a Ring doorbell if your mounting plate is different. For example, if you have a Ring Doorbell 2, and you have brought the mounting plate of Ring Doorbell 3, then you can run into problems as each mounted plate is created with exact dimensions for the respective model.


You can also run into problems if suddenly you start drilling on the front door without discussing it with your landlord. Since most landlords don’t like changes to their property, so it is perfect to assume that they probably don’t like Ring doorbells either. So, you should avoid drilling and look for other solutions especially if you live in a rented apartment.

4 Creative Ways to Attach Ring Doorbell on Brick Without Drilling

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like drilling or if your landlord will evict you if you do the drilling on his wall, there is always a solution. These solutions are cost-effective, time-saving, and money-saving, of course. Here are some of the ways you can install a Ring doorbell without drilling.

No-drill Mount

Ring No-drill mount is a mounting plate that uses double-sided adhesive to attach the plate to your wall. Wall mounting plates can be easily attached to your Ring doorbell and then screwed to the wall.

No-Drill mounts are available for every Ring Doorbell model as they are made concerning the dimensions of Ring doorbells. The No-drill mount is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about whether it might lose a grip in case of wetness dripping inside. Also, the No-drill mount doesn’t come with Ring Doorbell, it is something that you have to buy separately.

The DIY Double-Sided Tape Method

There is a Do It Yourself (DIY) for avoiding drilling as well. All you need to do is arrange double-sided adhesive tape which you can easily buy at the local home improvement store. It works on the same concept of a No-drill mount but at a cheaper level.

Please do keep in mind that the surface is clean and there is next to no space between adhesive points as moister can penetrate which can cause the tape to loosen its grip.

Anti-Theft Door Mount

The official No-drill mounts are a good option, but they are prone to theft as burglars can easily unscrew the mounting plate and can even take Ring the doorbell, considering you are not at your home, and he has sufficient time. So, you can be at a disadvantage. A better solution is anti-theft Ring doorbells which serve the same purpose but with protection as these mounts are made of steel and hard plastic.

Things to Keep in Mind

Since anti-theft mounts are made up of steel and hard plastic and they also take up more space than regular mounting plates.

  • Make sure that you have an even surface door so that it can be fixed firmly on the door.
  • The door with an anti-theft mount must swing inward.
  • There should be at least 0.2 inches distance between the door and the doorframe.

There are many options available if you are thinking of buying an anti-theft Ring doorbell. Anti Theft Doorbell Apartment No Drill Bracket is one option that can be made.

Hang a Ring Doorbell with Strips

If you can secure exterior grade strips, which are weather-resistant then you can use them as well. Command strips come with a mounting hook or bracket attached. This makes them give better adhesive support and refillable command strips are easily available.

But I would recommend using this method as a last resort as command strips can easily be ripped off the wall, making your Ring doorbell vulnerable to theft. So, avoid that!

Wrap Up

These are some of the methods that you can use. I would suggest going for an official plate is always a good idea but if you can spend some extra bucks then go for anti-theft door mounts.

But if you are someone who is into saving money and loves DIY so you can choose other options and maybe suggest to us some unique DIY if you have any!

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