Do You Need Junction Box for Ring Floodlight Cam? (Explained)

When I installed the first Floodlight Cam, I didn’t face any problems. All I had to do was take off the previous floodlight, install the new Floodlight Cam, and attach the wires; all worked perfectly in no time.

The issue came when I attempted to put the second Ring Floodlight Cam in the backyard because there is no junction box there. As someone who knows very little about electrical work, I was confused what to do.

I consulted the manual, which clearly stated that you need a junction box for Ring Floodlight Cam installation. Is that so? Let’s find out!

What Is Junction Box On A Floodlight?

A junction box is an enclosure box where all the wiring is connected, and it also secures the connected wires from environmental factors. So, a junction box for Ring Floodlight Cam includes the connectors where you can connect the power supply wires and wires of Ring Floodlight Cam.

A junction box secures the electrical connectors from external factors so the Ring Floodlight Cam is able to function without any disruption.

Ring officially endorses using a standard junction box to utilize the features of Ring Floodlight Cam fully. However, you are not bound by recommendations, especially if they don’t meet your needs.

Factors That May Determine the Need For a Junction Box

Although the installation of a junction box is recommended, you have to consider your own situation. There are some factors where you may have to install a junction box before installing Ring Floodlight Cam.

Let’s discuss them:

Existing Electrical Wiring Setup

If you have already used a normal floodlight before, you must have installed the junction box. In that case, you don’t need extra wiring or a junction box. However, if you are installing the Ring Floodlight Cam for the first time, you will have to do hardwiring and a new junction box.

Local Building Codes

If the local municipal community or HOA has set up building codes for safety purposes, then you will have to install a junction box. Without a junction box, there are a lot of untangled wires, which go against the safety protocols. 

Desired Location and Mounting Surface

If your intended location for Ring Floodlight Cam doesn’t come under any shade, you may want to consider having a junction box. Also, if the mounting surface isn’t flat, where hardwiring along the surface may give a bad look to the exterior, you may want to consider having a junction box.

Do you Need Junction Box for Ring Floodlight Cam?

Yes, a junction box is typically required to install a Ring floodlight Cam. The junction box serves for electrical connections, which provide protection and safety after installation. A junction box, by one present, is not required if you are able to mount Ring Floodlight Cam.

What Size Junction Box is Suitable for Ring Floodlight?

As per official recommendation, the standard size for a waterproof junction box should be 4 inches round. This size provides sufficient space for making electrical connections and for future maintenance .

A standard 4 by 4 inches junction box should work fine with three Ring models; Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, and Spotlight Cam Pro.

Is It Possible to Install a Ring Floodlight Cam Without Junction Box?

Yes, you can install a Ring Floodlight Cam without a junction box. There are possibilities when you can consider this option:

Living in a Rented Home

If you live in a rented home with a large driveway or backyard, you can install a ring Floodlight Cam using a mounting bracket. A mounting bracket works perfectly, and you can easily remove all when moving out.

Indoor Installation

Sometimes you have to install a Ring Floodlight Cam indoors for various reasons, and you don’t have to do any hard drilling. You can easily install the floodlight inside using a round mounting bracket.

Junction Box Previously Installed

If you previously installed a junction box for a standard floodlight and want to replace the regular floodlight with Ring Floodlight Cam, you don’t need to install a new one, as the old one will work fine.

Which Mount to Use for the Ring Floodlight Cam?

There are many mounting brackets available online and in stores, but Ring has the official Plug-In Mount for Cams, which you can buy for just $19.99. It is designed for Floodlight Cam Wired Pro and Floodlight Cam Wired Plus.

It provides a solution for both situations where you don’t have a junction box and existing outdoor wiring.

How to Install Ring Plug-In Mount for Cams?

Note: If you don’t have a drilling experience, especially inside, it’s better to hire an expert.

You can easily install the Floodlight Pro without a junction box. Follow the steps below for easy installation:

Step 1 – Choose the Right Location

Please choose a suitable location for the Ring Floodlight Cam, where it gives you a clear view and the camera can access Wi-Fi.

Step 2 – Drill a Hole for the Ring Plus-In Mount

Place the mounting plate and mark the holes for the screws. Use a power drill for the holes and insert plastic fishers. Also, it is best to widen the gap for the main cable with which you will fix the Floodlight Cam.

Step 3 – Attach the Power Cable

If the power cable is already installed, then you just have to connect the wires. If the power cable isn’t installed, please consult professional services. 

Step 4 – Install the Mounting Bracket

Position the bracket over the plastic fishers and tighten the screws to secure it. A mounting bracket is readily available; you can buy it for just $2.

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