Can you Use Ring Floodlight Cam As A Regular Light?

The interesting use of any electronic gadget is its multi-faceted use. Even if the company sells a product for one purpose, consumers always find more use cases.

I was always fascinated by the floodlights on Ring Floodlight Cam and thought, what if I could use those floodlights as regular light? The idea seemed practical, and I had to find a way around it.

Eventually, I found a way, but there are some considerations to keep in mind, too, if you intend to use Ring Floodlight Cam as a regular light. I will share how you can use Ring Floodlight Cam as a continuous light.

Can You Use Ring Floodlight Camera As A Regular Light?

Yes, the Ring Floodlight Cam can be used as a regular light. To use it as a regular light, you will have to tweak some settings like motion detection and video recording. Once security features are disabled, you can control the light manually using the Ring app.

How to Make Ring Floodlight Stay On As A Regular Light?

The Floodlight Cam is designed to provide bright illumination for outdoor spaces, along with security features such as motion detection and a camera for video monitoring.

All the Ring Floodlight Cams come with Two 3000°Kelvin lights with 2000 lumen; even if you don’t know technically, that’s a lot of brightness. For comparison, the number of lumens in the Philip Hue bulb is 800. 

Ring Floodlight Cams are designed to activate when they detect motion in the dark by default. However, you can customize this feature by changing the setting in the Ring app.

You can schedule the floodlights and camera independently, as both have separate settings. For instance, you can set the floodlights to remain on continuously during nighttime hours, disregarding any motion detection. Alternatively, you can choose to disable the lights entirely.

Follow the steps below to use Ring Floodlights Cam as regular light :

  • Open the Ring app on your smartphone.
  • Select your Ring Floodlight Cam from the devices list.
  • Select the Light Settings.
  • Select the Light Schedules, and you can set the time you want the floodlights to remain on, which is ideal during the nighttime.
  • Once you set the schedule, the floodlights will stay illuminated until you manually turn them off using the app.

Similarly, on the Ring app, if you select the Ring Floodlight Cam on the right top, you see an option to turn on/off the light option manually.

Benefits of Using Ring Floodlight As Regular Night Light

The Ring Floodlight is designed to provide powerful and wide-ranging illumination.

As a regular night light, you can light up your outdoor spaces, such as pathways or driveways, making them safer and more visible during nighttime.

Cost-Effective Solution

Once you spend the money on Floodlight Cam, you’ll not want to pay cash for extra floodlights. This option could be cost-effective as you can use the Ring Floodlight as a regular Floodlight. Typically, The floodlights of Ring Cam last up to 10 years, but remember that once they are damaged, you cannot replace it. 

No Need For a Physical Switch

Using Ring Floodlight Cam as a regular light doesn’t require any physical switch. It means you won’t have to get up to turn them on every time. You can simply schedule the time on the Ring app or manually turn it on on the Ring app.

Change the Light Covering an Area

One another benefit of Ring Floodlight Cam is its light covering area and bulbs. If you don’t want all three bulbs to stay on an entire night, manually turn that off in the Ring app by going to Light Settings. Also, you can control the light covering area by moving the slider in the Light Settings.

Considerations For Using Ring Floodlight As a Regular Light

There are other considerations that you should keep in mind. A question may arise, is Ring Floodlight can energy efficient? Yes! Since floodlights in these cameras are made up of LEDs which are energy efficient.

For example, if you consider the Ring Floodlight Pro. It uses 24-25 Watts of power for video recording and floodlights. If you only use the Floodlight Cam as a regular light, it’ll use around 20-24 Watts of power. For a view, an LED bulb in your room only uses about 10 Watts of energy, so it’s an energy-efficient choice.

The Ring Floodlight Cam has a bird-eye view feature that covers a much wider area than your standard Ring doorbell. Also, it has a much wider field of view, 270o compared to 140 degrees of a regular Ring Doorbell.

You should keep in mind both factors when installing a Ring Floodlight Cam. You can check with your local municipality or homeowners’ association for any specific regulations regarding outdoor lighting. 

Similarly, your neighbours can raise privacy concerns as Ring Floodlight Cam can cover a wider area. To address their privacy concerns, you can minimize the field view in the settings on your Ring app. Alternatively, you install the Ring Floodlight Cam a slightly lower, so it just covers the area in your vicinity. 

Wrap Up

It could be a cost-effective solution if you plan to use Ring Floodlight Cam as a regular light. The best part is you don’t have to go the extra mile, as you can utilize the Ring app to easily schedule the floodlights to stay on during specific nighttime hours.

The floodlights are made up of energy-efficient LED bulbs, so you don’t have to worry about the bills. However, it’s important to consider certain factors. Ensure that the installation adheres to any local regulations or restrictions on outdoor lighting.

You can adjust the field of view and take privacy concerns into account by minimizing the coverage area. All in all, you can use the Ring Floodlight as a regular light by tweaking a few settings, which is the way to go!

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