Ring Doorbell Pro Button Cracked? Here’s How to Fix It

I bought a Ring Doorbell Pro last holiday season at a discount and was very happy with its functionality, ease of use, and overall security it promised.

One day, when I came home, I was surprised to see the Ring Doorbell Pro button broken. At first, I thought someone might have tried to crust it but there was no sign of any suspicious activity.

Upon close inspection, I found that the button was cracked, and I was surprised how a Pro model could be prone to such damage within a year. Anyways, after contacting customer service and finding out, I came to know the reasons and fixtures as well which I will share below, so make sure to read out!

Can Ring Doorbell Pro’s Cracked Button Be Fixed?

The first solution is to contact customer service. If your Ring Doorbell Pro has a warranty, it can be replaced. But there are some methods where you can try to fix the cracked button.

Why Do A Ring Doorbell Pro Button Cracks?

Ring Doorbell Pro have a bad reputation when it comes to button although it should not have been the case as it is a Pro model and it costs a lot. But its button is made up of substandard plastic material which is a manufacturing and quality issue on part of the company.

Source: Ring Community

Another reason they crack is because of direct sun heat especially when your Ring doorbell Pro is not under any shade and directly comes in contact with sunlight all day.

These plastic buttons don’t have a heatsink, so this is another reason for cracking. Sometimes pushing too hard on a Ring Doorbell Pro button can also cause a break as these buttons have poor built quality.

Can A Cracked Ring Doorbell Button Be Replaced?

There are possibilities and it depends on who you ask such a question. And the answers will be different for different scenarios.

Customer Support

If you ask Ring Customer support, they will simply say that only the button can not be replaced, you might have to replace the whole unit which is costly.

  • Benefit

If you have a warranty for your Ring Doorbell pro, which is 1-year for all models then you are in good hands as it will be replaced under the warranty.

  • Disadvantage

If your Ring Doorbell Pro is out of warranty, then you shouldn’t contact customer service at all as they will simply say you need to get the whole unit replaced. Let’s be honest, no one is going to spend the same amount of money again to see the new model’s button also being cracked within no time.

Replace Broken Button

Another solution is if you try to do it on your own. You can buy the Ring Doorbell Pro button on eBay or other such websites and get it fixed for yourself.

  • Benefit

This is a way cheaper solution to get a new button, no need to wait for customer service or for the company to get it replaced. The cost is just a fraction, and you can do it on your own.

  • Disadvantage

If you disassemble the device on your while not well familiar with gadgets, then you might run into a bigger problem, the whole unit may get broken or damaged. The flat cable that connects the button with the main unit is thin and vulnerable to being torn apart if you are not careful.

Where to Get the Replacement Part?

If you have decided to fix the cracked button on your own, then you can easily find the button online. To get a new button, you can check the following links.

And many other ways you can find a button to replace it. Also, it would be better if you look up a button that has a UV stabilizer, and its plastic has a heatsink feature so it can withstand the sun’s heat.

Now that you have ordered the button and are waiting for it, why not in the meantime I should guide you through the steps about how to fix the replaced button.

How to Replace Ring Doorbell Pro Cracked Button?

  • Step 1: Remove the single security screw in the bottom of the Ring Doorbell Pro.
  • Step 2: Unscrew the top and bottom of the doorbell.
  • Step 3: After removing the case, remove the screws from each corner.
  • Step 4: Remove the rear cover by pulling it directly away from the body.
  • Step 5: Pull the thin strip down which connects the button to the main unit.
  • Step 6: Remove the single screw holding the button in place.
  • Step 7: Place the small spring back into the rear of the camera.
  • Step 8: Put the new button back into place.
  • Step 9: Connect the battery and capacitor cables back into their respective sockets.
  • Step 10: Reinstall all four screws in each corner of the Ring Doorbell.
  • Step 11: Mount the Ring doorbell back into position.

Wrap Up

If you are someone who is always toying around with gadgets, then fixing the button wouldn’t be a problem at all. But if you are doing it for the first time, then make sure to follow the above steps carefully or maybe watch a video on YouTube fully equipping yourself with better know-how.

So, as I told you earlier, I will be guiding you about the cracked issue, now let me know what you think of it and do you have any other easy fix.

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