Why Does My Shark Robot Vacuum Keeps Stopping? Let’s Fix It

There are many people who use Shark robot vacuums to self-clean the home as these vacuums are automated, so they work as virtual assistants as they know where to gather the dust, and which part of the home is clean. However, you may see your Shark robot vacuum stop working from time to time, which could be frustrating. We will discuss the reasons, and some quick solutions to solve the issues.

Let’s Dive In!

Understanding How Shark Robot Vacuum Works

A Shark Robot Vacuum is a combination of hardware and software. It has cameras, sensors, other mechanical components and software wise it runs on algorithms, and more recently it uses AI.

The different sensors, infrared lights, and cameras help the Shark robot vacuum move in the house. Whereas algorithms and machine learning process map out the movement of the whole home so the robot vacuum better understands where to move, and what to clean.

6 Reasons for Your Shark Robot Vacuum Keeps Stopping

As a Shark robot vacuum is an automated and self-learning process to clean your home so it is quite natural that they will face obstacles that may stop them.

Also, Shark robot vacuums learn about the home and cleaning process but not enough about themselves to fix their own issues. The onus is on us to identify the problem and find a quick solution. Let’s do that!

Battery and Charging Problem

The shark robot vacuum is not a moody cleaner. Its task is to clean the house whenever it is assigned.

However, if it stops midway during the cleaning process, please don’t call your Shark robot vacuum a stubborn cleaner. There is a chance that you didn’t charge the battery enough or the battery is old enough that it is in able to perform fully.

An issue with Obstacle Detection Sensors

A home is made up of furniture, electric gadgets, kitchenware, and other such objects. When obstacle detection sensors detect any obstacle, the Shark robot vacuum is unable to move.

Full Dustbin or Filter

If you have a carpeted floor, then there is more dust and debris compared to hard flooring surfaces like tiles or wood. In any case, the first filter and later dustbin get filled. If you don’t clean the filter, and empty the dustbin on time, the Shark robot vacuum will not perform regular functions.


When the Shark robot vacuum stops working, one of the many reasons is overheating. If you use a Shark robot vacuum for an extended period of time, it becomes hot. In that scenario, you will have to shut off the Shark robot vacuum to cool it down. That’s how you deal with overheating.

Tangled Brush Roll or Wheels

Shark robot vacuum moves on wheels and uses brushes for cleaning while moving. As wheels and brushes are on the bottom of the vacuum so any obstruction in their path will hinder the movement and cleaning.

Similarly, if some hard object is stuck in the brushes, it will not only damage the brushes as it gets clogged but also the regular functionality.

Software or Firmware Update

Shark regularly releases software and firmware updates for the Shark vacuum cleaners to enhance its functionality, and fix any bugs or issues. You can visit the Shark website, and search for firmware updates specific to your model.

Also, you can check the SharkClean app and tap on the button that looks like a gear. Go to the part called “Firmware” to see if there are any updates. If there is a better firmware version, the app will let you know.

Tips to Prevent Shark Robot Vacuum Stopping Issues

The great thing about automated machines is that they work on schedule. All you need to do is fix the schedule on the SharkClean app, and it will perform its function daily.

However, Shark robot vacuums also need checks from time to time otherwise you may face above discussed issues. If you are facing any of the above issues, we have maintenance tips and quick fixes to prevent Shark robot vacuum-stopping issues.

  • Clean The Obstacle Detection Sensors

Obstacle detection sensors become dirty or obstructed by dust, debris, or pet hair over time. You can clean the detection sensors using a soft cloth or a cotton swab. Also, make sure that you remove any buildup that might be interfering with their function later.

  • Clean Dustbin and Filters

When the Shark robot vacuum dustbin is full, it will stop working. You can empty the dustbin and clean the filter by turning off the robot vacuum first. When you switch off the Shark robot vacuum, tap on the Bin Removal button to take out the bin and filter.

  • Clean Brush Roll and Wheels

When the Shark robot vacuum is used for a prolonged time without any checks, the dust, debris, and pet hair gathers on the brush roller. You can turn off the robot vacuum and use a screwdriver to remove the brush roller.

Simply clean the brush roller using any brush or cloth, and screw it back. Also, make sure to check that there is no hard object stuck inside the wheel. If there is, remove that.

  • Shark Robot Vacuum Is Not Charging

First of all, the Shark robot vacuum will not charge if it is turned off, thus it must be left on during charging. Shark robot vacuums have two meta-contact points to fit against the two metal plates on the charging dock. If they don’t connect, the contact points on the charging dock and the robot need to be cleaned.

  • Software and Firmware Updates

Always make sure that the SharkClean app is up-to-date to receive notifications if the robot vacuum malfunctions. Similarly, updating software and firmware updates of the robot vacuum itself is very important as it brings new features, and fixes issues.

You can update the firmware by following the steps below:

  • Open the Shark website, and after selecting your model choose the firmware update available for your robot vacuum.
  • Throughout the firmware update, keep the Shark robot vacuum connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the SharkClean app and tap the Settings button.
  • In the Settings menu, choose “Firmware.”
  • If the firmware update is available, choose Update.

How to Seek Professional Help to Solve the Issue?

Although we have discussed some issues and quick fixes related to them that you can try at home. If you are not good with the basics of the robot vacuum or don’t have a sound knowledge of how-to’s, you should avoid solving the issues on your own.

When you are uncertain, you can always contact Shark Customer Support for professional guidance.

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