How to Reset Shark ION Robot? (2 Working Methods)

Shark ION Robot is a great vacuum cleaner with a tri-brush cleaning system and a running time of up to 120 minutes. However, after some time, you want to know how to reset Shark ION Robot.

There are reasons that you are experiencing connectivity issues with the SharkClean app, the cleaning performance has declined, or the Shark ION Robot is not following operation commands. There’s no need to worry as you can quickly learn about how to factory reset Shark ION Robot. Let’s find out!

When to Reset Shark ION Robot Vacuum?

You won’t need to reset your Shark ION Robot vacuum cleaner if it runs correctly and cleans according to the schedule. You might need to reset the Shark ION Robot Vacuum in certain circumstances.

Connectivity Issues

A reset is required if the Shark ION robot is not connecting to WiFi or having trouble with a stable WiFi connection. Similarly, you need to reset the Shark ION Robot if it won’t connect to the SharkClean app (Android & IOS).

Shark vacuum cleaners generally work well on WiFi with 2.4GHz bands. If you have a 5GHz WiFi, you may face connectivity issues. It is also possible that you may face issues with 2.4GHz WiFi if the speed is low or the WiFi router is placed far away.

Navigation Problem

Sometimes the Shark ION Robot doesn’t navigate properly or gets stuck despite being on the scheduled cleaning due to sensors not functioning normally. You can face this issue when you use the UltraClean Mode for Deep Spot Cleaning. A reset in such a situation helps in improving the operations.

Sometimes, Shark ION Robot starts abnormal functions like cleaning itself out of the scheduled cleaning. As algorithm-learning machines, smart home vacuum cleaners need irregular resets.

Unresponsive Behavior

Apart from scheduled cleaning, Shark ION Robot is capable of performing UltraClean Mode, Recharge & Resume, and Extended Clean features using the SharkClean app. If the Shark ION Robot Vacuum is unresponsive to such commands or generally unresponsive, a reset helps to overcome such issues.

There is also a time when Shark Robot vacuum refuses to clean the home and doesn’t follow the SharkClean app or Alexa commands either. In that case, you should update the device’s firmware and the SharkClean app. If the issue persists, it means the device needs resetting.

Changing Wifi Network

When you change a WiFi network due to low internet speed, or connectivity/disconnectivity issues, you need to reset the Shark ION Robot vacuum. Similarly, you set up a new WiFi connection if you move to a new place. A new IP address means resetting the robot cleaner and setting it up afresh.

Preparing for Resale or Transfer

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If you have decided to alter the model or upgrade to a better one, the Shark ION Robot will need to be reset. You must delete your credentials prior to handing over the vacuum cleaner to a new proprietor if the vacuum cleaner is being resold or transferred.

How to Reset Shark ION Robot: 2 Methods

If you have any of the above reasons that require you to reset the Shark ION Robot, you can do that by the following two methods:

Method 1: Reset Shark ION With SharkClean App

  • Open the SharkClean app on your smartphone.
  • Select your Shark ION Robot from the list of devices.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Look for the “Reset” or “Factory Reset” option.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts, and your vacuum will reboot.

Method 2: Reset Shark ION Without Any App

  • Locate the reset button on your Shark ION Robot.
  • Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.
  • The robot’s lights start flashing, and Shark ION Robot turns off.
  • Press the power button again, and it should turn on after being reset.

FAQs: Resetting Shark ION Robot

When it comes to resetting the Shark ION Robot, both of the ways described above are highly effective. However, if anything is unclear to you, the following Frequently Asked Questions should help.

Wrap Up

The Shark ION Robot typically operates quite well. However, there are occasions in which you need to reset the vacuum cleaner to achieve its full potential. You can always reset your device in such scenarios if you’re facing connectivity issues, navigation problems, or changing a WiFi network.

Resetting Shark ION Robot makes the vacuum start afresh and functions smoothly. You should always follow the guidelines, and if you are unsure, you should contact customer support for accurate instructions on how to factory reset Shark ION Robot.

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