Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging – Try These 5 Solutions

The shark robot vacuum is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a great charge cycle. As we all know, rechargeable batteries lose utility with time, yet it’s not an issue since these batteries last longer.

There’s another issue as some people are concerned about their Shark robot vacuum not charging properly. This issue stems from various factors, such as faulty connections, battery problems, or power supply issues.

The issue may seem bigger, but you should not be concerned. We’ll discuss why a Shark robot vacuum is not charging and the troubleshooting steps to get your vacuum cleaner back up and running efficiently.

How to Tell If Your Shark Robot Is Charging?

You can check the charging status when you place your Shark robot vacuum on the charging dock. Shark Robot vacuum is charging if the light blinks from blue to white.

Why Is Your Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging?

The battery is not the sole reason behind your Shark Robot vacuum not charging. Some of the other reasons are given below:

Shark Robot and Charging Dock

You may face a charging issue if you don’t accurately place the vacuum on the charging dock. If you find this problem, don’t worry; placing the Shark robot on the charging port will take care of the charging.

Dust On Charging Contacts

The dust gathers on the charging contacts over time. Let’s be clear to ourselves, the vacuum cleaner can clean the home but cannot clean itself. If the charging contacts are kept clean, you are less likely to face the Shark Robot vacuum not charging issue.

Faulty Power Outlet

Sometimes there is a fault with the power outlet. It is easier to check whether your current power outlet is working. Try to charge the Shark Robot vacuum on some other power outlet.

Battery Degradation

Although you are less likely to face this issue as Li-ion batteries have a much longer lifespan and charge cycle. But exceptions happen as the battery may be faulty or degraded soon. You can have an idea about the cleaning time. If the battery dies early, it means a battery replacement is on the card.

5 Tips to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

There are some basic and some advanced issues that you can face when it comes to the Shark Robot vacuum not charging. We discuss each of the below to make it easier.

  • Power On and Power Outlet

People forget this, but it is a very basic and essential point. You cannot recharge the Shark Robot vacuum if it is switched off. So, next time you worry or panic about thinking if your vacuum cleaner is dead, make sure that it is powered on. The next step should be to make sure that the power outlet is functioning.

  • Clean The Charging Contacts

The Shark Robot vacuum comes with two metal contact points which you have to place on the metal place of the charging dock exactly. Over time, dust gathers on these metal plates if they are not cleaned regularly. Make sure to clean them from time to time so they connect properly.

  • Reset The Shark Robot Vacuum

Resetting the Shark Robot vacuum can also help if you face a charging issue. There are two ways if you are wondering how to reset the Shark Robot vacuum. One is through using the SharkClean app (Android & IOS), and the second is manual, where you power off and power on the Shark Robot vacuum.

  • Check The Dock

Sometimes the issue is not with the Shark Robot vacuum but with the charging dock. As we know, the charging dock is connected to the power outlet, and if the green light doesn’t show on the dockside, there’s an ensue with the charging dock. You can check the same dock on another power outlet.

  • Replace The Battery

If nothing seems to be working, the last resort should be to replace the battery. Shark offers a battery replacement, and you can also order the battery replacement here. Always buy the replacement battery according to your Shark Robot vacuum model.

Additional Care Tips to Avoid Future Charging Issues

There are some ways that you employ to prolong the battery life and overall life of a smart vacuum cleaner Some of them are discussed below:

  • Keep The Shark Robot vacuum at a moderate temperature

Extreme cold and humidity both affect battery life. Cold temperature reduces the battery’s total capacity. Similarly, if the temperature is too high, the battery degrades quickly between charge cycles. So, keep your smart vacuum at moderate temperatures to extend the battery’s lifespan.

  • Keep The Brushes Clean

Keeping the brushes clean is straight as an arrow solution. Brushes use energy to clean the home; if the brushes are dirty, they require more charge, causing battery degradation. Always keep the brushes of the Shark Robot vacuum free from debris and dust.

FAQs: Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

The quick fixes above will help resolve the Shark Robot vacuum not charging quickly. You can also follow the tips to prolong the battery life and efficiency of the smart vacuum. Some of the FAQs below will help you understand your Shark Robot vacuum cleaner.

Wrap Up

Smart vacuum cleaners are a great cleaning companion. The companionship also asks for care. If you care for your Shark Robot vacuum by cleaning it and making sure that the metal plates are also clean, it will consume less battery. Choose one of the easy options we previously covered if your device isn’t charging. 

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