Can You Use Ring Doorbell Without A Subscription?

When I first bought Ring Doorbell, I was under suspicion about whether Ring Doorbell will work without a Subscription plan or not. As I already had spent an amount on buying a device, I didn’t want to put more dent in my pocket because due to shifting to a new apartment.

Well, to my surprise, it turned out that all Ring Doorbell models work without a subscription plan, but still, there are some features that require a subscription. In that case, do you really need a subscription, or should you go without a subscription? I explain this and many other things below.

Can You Use Ring Doorbell Without A Subscription?

Ring Doorbell without a subscription plan comes with features like Live View, Motion Alerts, and Two-Way Talk. But if you want to access recorded videos, you will need a subscription to the Ring Protect plan.

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Ring Doorbell Features With and Without Subscription

Nothing comes easy, and nothing comes free. Companies design products in a way so they can sell premium features through subscription plans.

However, there are a lot of features that are available without a subscription plan. A consumer has to find a way in-between, especially when there is no compulsion for subscription plans.

The table below just tries to explain that:

FeatureSubscriptionWithout Subscription
Live ViewYesYes
Motion AlertsYesYes
Theft ProtectionYesYes
Recorded FootageYesNo
Video SharingYesNo
Ring Alarm SystemYesNo
Personal customizationYesNo

Pros & Cons of Using Ring Doorbell Without Subscription

There are pros and cons to using Ring Doorbell with and without a subscription plan. If you live in an apartment and have many neighboring apartments, then a sense of security is there.

In that case, you may not feel a need for a subscription plan. But if you live in some quiet block, you may need a video recording in case any bad things happen. For that, you will need a subscription plan of any tier. We discuss more such scenarios below.

Advantages of Using Ring Doorbell Without A Subscription

Imagine paying upfront money and coming to know that you will have to subscribe to use a product. Well, this is not strictly the case when it comes to Ring Doorbell devices, as the subscription isn’t mandatory.

When the choice is given, everyone prefers the free version as nobody likes to spend extra money on a monthly basis. Most of the features of Ring Doorbell devices work without a subscription plan, and it is the easiest choice you can make.

Disadvantages of Using Ring Doorbell Without A Subscription

If you don’t have a subscription plan, then you will miss some features. For example, recorded footage is one such feature that is quite handy.

If you are away from home, or as it is not humanly possible to glance at the screen all the time. Also, you can not only record but share the video as well. Both features only come with a subscription.

Situations Where Subscription Might Be Beneficial

When you have a subscription plan, you can share the recorded footage. This feature is handy in case of an attempted break-in or any other emergency, as you may need to share the footage with authorities. Also, with a subscription plan, you can customize the Motion Alerts.

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Ring Doorbell Subscription Pricing

Ring offers flexible plans for its Ring Doorbell devices. Ring Protect plans come in three categories: Ring Protect Basic, Ring Protect Plus, and Ring Protect Pro. All the paid plans come with video recording, sharing, snapshot capture, and others. There are, however, some features that come with a high-end plan.

Ring Protect Basic

Ring Protect Basic plan starts at $3.99 per month or annually at $39.99, which gives you savings of $7.89 with an annual plan.

The Basic plan includes video saving and sharing, snapshot capture, person alerts, and downloading of up to 50 videos. With Protect Basic plan, you can record video for only one Ring doorbell or camera.

Ring Protect Plus

Ring Protect Plus starts at $10 per month, or if you want to opt for the annual plan, then it is $100 per year, which gives you savings of $20.

Unlike the Basic Protect plan, Plus plan includes video record for all Ring devices for up to 180 days, whether it’s a Ring Doorbell or camera. The plan includes the features that come in Protect Basic and an extended warranty for all Ring Doorbell devices.

It also gives the option of cellular backup if you own the Ring Alarm system. A cellular backup option should be chosen only when Wi-Fi signals drop regularly, or you face similar issues.

Ring Protect Pro

Ring Protect Pro starts at $20 per month or annually at $200, which is a saving of $40 per year.

Ring Protect Pro offers video recording for all Ring devices, professional monitoring, and added features, including Alarm Cellular Backup, Alexa Guard Plus, and Ring Edge with local storage.

Wrap Up

If you already own Ring Doorbell or are planning to purchase one soon, this guide should help you make a sound decision. As a starter, it is better to go without a subscription plan, and after some time, if you feel you really need a plan, then go for it.

Choose a plan based on necessity rather than just requirement, as all three plans are flexible. For one Ring Doorbell, Protect Basic is enough, while Protect Pro or Plus is better for more devices or enhanced security.

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