Ring Doorbell Lens Peeling: How to Prevent and Fix It?

Whatever you install at the front door whether it’s a garage door, the color you choose to paint it, or how you want to look your front yard; everything is done with a purpose so your front looks good. Over the years, doorbells and cameras have also taken a center stage.

When I first installed the Ring Doorbell, I was quite happy as it was a digital addition to my front yard which made it look more elegant. But after some time I was dismayed as Ring Doorbell started to peel off which looked very bad. Eventually, I had to look up the alternatives, and I will share some here.

Causes of Ring Doorbell Lens Peeling

A popular home security gadget known as the Ring Doorbell allows homeowners to keep an eye on their property from virtually any location. Unfortunately, there have been reports of problems with the lens of the Ring Doorbell peeling over time from a few of the device’s owners.

Several factors, including the following, might have caused this problem:

  • Effect of Sunlight On Ring Doorbell Lens

Prolonged exposure to direct sunshine can cause the glue that attaches the Ring Doorbell lens to the device to break down, resulting in peeling. This can happen when the lens is exposed to sunlight for a vast period.

  • Moisture Can Affect Too

If the adhesive is exposed to water, such as through rain or humidity, it may begin to degrade, which may ultimately lead to peeling.

  • Temperatures That Are Too High or Too Low

If the adhesive is subjected to temperatures that are too high or too low for an extended time, the lens may begin to peel off.

  • Harsh Products for Cleaning

If you use chemicals that are too harsh or too abrasive on the Ring Doorbell’s lens, you risk the glue becoming weakened and the lens peeling off.

  • Natural Wear And Tear

The glue that attaches the Ring Doorbell lens to the device might quickly wear down, leading to peeling. This can happen as a result of normal wear and use.

5 Tips to Prevent Ring Doorbell Peeling

Peeling can occur on the device over time, despite the Ring Doorbell being a fantastic addition to any home security system.

These are some strategies to avoid Ring Doorbell peeling:

Keep the Surface Clean

Before installing your Ring Doorbell, ensure the surface is clean and free of dirt or debris. Employ a cleaning solution appropriate for the material your Ring Doorbell is mounted to, and then allow it to dry thoroughly when you are through.

Use a Protective Cover

You can keep the paint on your Ring Doorbell from peeling by using a protective cover that may be purchased separately. These covers are crafted from durable fabrics and are designed to shield your Ring Doorbell from the damaging effects of the sun, wind, and rain.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is essential to keep your Ring Doorbell away from direct sunlight as it may cause the gadget to peel if exposed for an extended time. Consider putting your Ring Doorbell in a shady spot, or you could use a protective cover that helps to prevent the sun’s rays.

Apply a Protective Coating

Your Ring Doorbell is compatible with a wide variety of protective coatings, any one of which may be applied to safeguard it. These coatings can assist in preventing the device from peeling and make the gadget more scratch-resistant and resistant to other types of damage.

Maintain a Clean Device

It is essential to clean your Ring Doorbell regularly to remove any dirt, dust, or other particles of material that may have accumulated on the surface. Prevent peeling to keep the item looking pristine.

According to these guidelines, you may assist in preventing the peeling of your Ring Doorbell and extending the lifespan of the device.

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Ring Doorbell Replacement: How and Where to Replace

Yes, if your Ring Doorbell is broken or you want to switch to a newer model, you may get a replacement anytime. Ring Company is entitled to perform any necessary repairs or replacements with either refurbished or brand-new equipment at its sole discretion. You can get your product replaced by the company.

The original guarantee protects against theft as well. If your Ring doorbell is ever stolen, Ring will replace it with a device that is functionally equivalent to the one that was taken at no extra cost to you. You can also buy a new Ring Doorbell from various retailers such as Ring, Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.

It is crucial to decide which model of Ring Doorbell you currently have, and which model you want to replace it with before ordering a replacement Ring Doorbell. This guarantees that the new Ring Doorbell will be compatible with your existing configuration and features.

Installation of the new Ring Doorbell may be accomplished by following the instructions included in the packaging or by consulting resources available online. The process usually takes just a few minutes.

However, if you are not comfortable with the installation process on your own, you can call for any sort of assistance from the company. Ring’s customer service is open to assist if you encounter any problems when the software is installed on your computer.

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Wrap Up

To keep your Ring Doorbell working, fix the peeling lens. Call Ring Support if your gadget is under warranty. They may replace or repair your device. Cleaning the lens may improve its look if the peeling is modest. Wipe away debris and grime using a microfiber cloth to stop flaking.

Avoid excessive pressure to avoid additional injury. Change the lens if the peeling is severe. Ring and third parties sell replacement lenses so you can replace the lens securely using the manufacturer’s directions. If you’re uncomfortable replacing the lens, consider expert repair.

They may replace the lens or do more extensive repairs. Fix any issues immediately to keep your Ring Doorbell working and providing home protection.

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