Why Would Someone Steal A Ring Doorbell? (7 Shocking Motives)

After my Ring doorbell was stolen recently, I couldn’t help but wonder why someone would take it. Despite feeling a sense of loss, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the thief stealing something that becomes useless once reported. But then I realized that the thief probably doesn’t know about this.

The next day, when I brought up this strange incident with my coworkers, I was surprised to find various reasons behind the theft that I had never thought of. In this article, we’ll explore some of the main motives that might drive someone to steal your Ring doorbell. So, let’s dive in!

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7 Motives Why Would Someone Steal A Ring Doorbell

Selling for A Profit

One of the most common motives everyone can guess is selling the video doorbell device for financial gain.

Video doorbells can be valuable, depending on the brand, model, and features they offer, especially when you have a branded doorbell like Ring. The thief hopes to obtain monetary benefits by selling it directly to a buyer or through various channels, such as online marketplaces, pawnshops, or black markets.

However, the one who is stealing the device might not be aware that selling a stolen Ring video doorbell can make the device useless if it is reported to the service provider. The service provider (Ring) usually deactivates the device, preventing it from being connected to any network or user account, or even implementing additional security measures to prevent unauthorized use.

The incident should therefore always be reported to the proper authorities or service providers. This may assist in preventing its unauthorized use and assist in discouraging the thief from selling it.

Reselling the Parts

Even though a Ring video doorbell is reported stolen and deactivated by the service provider, the individual components and parts of the device may still hold value to certain buyers or in specific markets.

Some Ring doorbell components, like the camera module, motion sensors, microphone, speaker, circuit boards, or power supply, are valuable on their own. Thieves with an understanding of electronics may try to disassemble the doorbell and sell individual components to repair facilities, electronic enthusiasts, or even websites that specialize in selling electronics or spare parts.

Deleting Evidence

If someone has broken the law and your Ring doorbell has recorded their acts, they could seek to steal and destroy your Ring doorbell in the hopes of getting all evidence erased.

They don’t realize that the Ring doorbell records video and keeps it in the cloud, so even if the actual device gets stolen, the recorded video would still be available through your Ring account.

The best thing about Ring Doorbells is they have security measures in place to protect your footage.

The recorded videos are encrypted, and accessing them requires proper authentication through your Ring account. Check the recordings from the last few days to look for any possible criminal activity; this will aid law enforcement in their investigation.

Thrill-Seeking or Vandalism

Yes, you read it right! Thrill-seeking or vandalism can play a role in Ring doorbell theft.

According to a report, on Oct 2022, there was a case where 10-year-old thrill-seeking youngsters propelled car thefts in Canterbury. This usually happens when some individuals may be motivated by the excitement and adrenaline rush associated with engaging in illegal activities.

Thrill Seeking or Vandalism Activities Examples

And stealing a Ring doorbell can be seen as a challenge or a thrill-seeking adventure for such individuals.

One of my colleagues also pointed out that some people may engage in acts of vandalism for no specific reason other than their desire to cause damage or create chaos. Stealing or damaging a Ring doorbell can be an opportunity for such people to satisfy their destructive tendencies.

Personal Grudges or Revenge

You might agree that we actually live in a society where people carry personal grudges or have a tendency to seek revenge for various reasons. It could be out of jealousy or without realizing it, you might have done something that led the other person to feel hate towards you and seek revenge.

As a result, such a person stealing your Ring doorbell could be seen as a way to cause distress, inconvenience, or financial loss. By removing the doorbell, the person may aim to disrupt your security measures or gains emotional satisfaction from causing distress or frustration to you.

Peer Pressure or Dare

Peer pressure or a simple dare can have a big impact on someone’s decision to steal.

Somebody may suggest stealing a Ring doorbell as a bold or daring deed in front of a bunch of friends. Others can give in to peer pressure and are driven to join in order to blend in and win approval from others.

This typically occurs among a group of teenagers who lack the maturity to distinguish between good and wrong. In my early years, I witnessed classmates challenging or daring youngsters to commit theft as part of a game or competition. Thankfully, I was never a part of it!

You might not truly understand, but in such an age, the need to prove oneself, show bravery, or escape humiliation might drive people to commit such things, even if they wouldn’t have done it on their own.

Opportunistic Theft

If you have provided easy opportunities to steal valuable items without much planning or premeditation, then no one can stop them from getting stolen.

In the case of your Ring doorbell, you might have installed it near the entrance of your property, which makes it easily visible and accessible to any passersby. This visibility can attract opportunistic thieves who spot the device and recognize its value.

Then they may figure out weak points in the installation or find ways to remove the device quickly and discreetly. They may also be familiar with common mounting techniques or have knowledge of how to detach the doorbell.

A Pro Tip: Keep the Motion Warning feature turned on. This will scare anyone trying to steal by announcing “You’re being recorded” whenever it detects movement.

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Use Anti-Theft Doorbell Mounts: Best Way to Prevent Someone Stealing Your Ring Doorbell

Whatever the motivation for the theft, it’s unfortunate that it happened or that it might do again in the future. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to keep your Ring doorbell safe and guard it from theft in the future.


Use Anti-Theft Door Mounts !!!

Prevent losing your Ring Doorbell with an anti-theft door mount, and enjoy secure and easy installation of your Ring Doorbell.

Using a high-quality Anti-Theft door mount is one of the greatest ways to assure the security of your Ring doorbell. Without the need to drill into your walls, these mounts are meant to provide your door with a sturdy attachment. They provide comfort by successfully preventing stealing attempts.

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